i need a hug. [whoever got that ataris refrence wins today]

so ive been on kind of an ataris binge today.

i just went to their website, which is down so i got redirected to their myspce page, and now im kind of pissed off.

under the 'influences' section they have stuff like death cab, the decemberists, broken social scene, rilo kiley, and maritime [davey vonbohlen from the promise ring's new band] - but have completely omitted bands like jawbreaker, armchair martian, the descendants, you know, bands that actually influenced them, back when they were good.

its like theyre ashamed of being a mid-generation emo band!

why would they include jets to brazil and not jawbreaker, or maritime and not the promise ring, unless they were trying to make themselves seem more contemporary - kris roe is twenty-eight, thats not even old!

i havent been this disappointed in kris roe since maitri, kelley, bailey and i saw the ataris in seventh grade and he told us that he would sign our chucks after the show and then never showed up.

what the fuck kris roe? what the fuck?
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    the ataris - road signs and rock songs. =(


a funny thing to say: the wedding went off without a hitch!

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i ♥ salvador! (new salvador themed layout guys)

so... my church is doing a 'harvest night,' instead of having everyone go out and trick-or-treat for halloween.

so funny.

they even passed out this flier talking about how halloween is evil because celts were pagan and their druids preformed human sacrifices and worshiped satan and invoke the help of satan.

no kidding, the words are in bold on the flier and everything.

im bringing it to school tomorrow, because it makes me chuckle. although, it would make me chuckle more if so many people didnt believe it was true.

also, funny-ish story springing from the flier: in the car on the way home, i was trying to explain to my mom about how the celts werent worshiping the devil, it was the celtic god of the dead, who wasnt the same as the devil, because not every religion is christianity, and it was focused around the harvest and whatnot, when my mother asked me if i worshiped satan!

i was just like, 'oh im sorry, i didnt realize that correcting misinformation made me a satan-worshiper. next time ill just go along with whatever anyone says, even if they dont have any sources, and ignore my own research, even though i have reliable sources - thats sure to have magnificent consequences for me in later life.'

she was super miffed, but it was totally worth it, and im not in trouble or anything, so whatever.
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guys! steve irwin died today!

first pluto, now the crocodile hunter.

i honestly dont know what to do with myself.

it is truly the end of the world as we know it!

curse r.e.m. and their policy style doomsday prophesies!

ps - itwasreallyhardtokeepaussiepunsoutofthisentry.
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its not you, its me.

dear summer,

please dont take this the wrong way. weve had a lot of fun together these last few months, but, its over. im sure this comes as no surprise to you, theres no way you didnt feel all the space growing between us. youre a lot of fun, and a really cool season, but im afraid that ive outgrown you, and yes, theres someone else. its winter. the scarves and coats are just what ive been looking for, and i hope that in time, youll find a way to be happy for us.


marissa sanders.
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